2.14.10 Released!

We’ve released another bug fix version of Pidgin, version 2.14.10. This release has many random bug fixes so be sure to check out the full ChangeLog below.

You can find links to the download from our Install page.


  • Audit and correct the COPYRIGHT file. (Review 1425) (Richard Laager)
  • Fix a spelling error in a debug message for proxies. (Review 1426) (Richard Laager)
  • Install some emojis already in the theme but not being installed. (Review 1428) (Richard Laager)
  • Drop the QQ smileys as we don’t ship QQ anymore. (PIDGIN-14385) (Review 1429) (Richard Laager)
  • Modernize the desktop file. (Review 1433) (Richard Laager)
  • Modernize the appdata file. (Review 1431) (Richard Laager)
  • Make privacy settings persist. (PIDGIN-17137) (Review 1463) (Belgin Știrbu)


  • Fix a use after free that was introduced in 2.14.9. (Review 1488) (ivanhoe)



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