2.14.9 Released!

We’ve released another bug fix version of Pidgin, version 2.14.9. This release has many random bug fixes so be sure to check out the full ChangeLog below.

Items to note are that the dictionary downloads in the Windows installer have finally been fixed, as well as IRC file transfers on Windows.

There is a minor security fix as well that was fixed by removing our support for the _xmppconnect DNS TXT record which has been deemed insecure for a very long time.

You can find links to the download from our Install page.



  • Fix a GLib CRITICAL message with typing time outs. (Review 1123) (Mohammed Sadiq)
  • Fix an issue where the unit tests for purple_str_to_time would fail. (GENTOO-819774) (Review 1238) (Gary Kramlich)




  • Fix a typo in the German translations. (PIDGIN-17575) (Review 1242) (ivanhoe)
  • Synced all of the translations with Transifex.


  • Fix IRC file transfers on Windows. (PIDGIN-17175) (Review 1382) (Belgin Știrbu)
  • Fix file transfers failing at 99% on IRC. (PIDGIN-15893) (Review 1385) (Belgin Știrbu)
  • Default realname and ident name in IRC to the username (nickname) of the account. (PIDGIN-17610) (Review 1386) (Belgin Știrbu)
  • Add an advanced account option to IRC accounts for explicitly setting the SASL login name. (PIDGIN-15451) (Review 1388) (Belgin Știrbu)
  • Added a rate limiter that should make it impossible to excess flood. (Review 1391) (Gary Kramlich)



  • Fix XMPP attention messages being sent to incorrect JIDs. (PIDGIN-14714) (Review 1387) (itsnotabigtruck, Belgin Știrbu)

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