2.14.6 Released!

Notice for Windows users: We are aware of an issue with the installer failing to download the dictionaries used for spellchecking. We are currently working on a fix and hope to have this resolved as soon as possible.

Yet another minor version of Pidgin has been released, 2.14.6. This release took a bit longer than we hoped but it’s here now so check it out!

The complete changelog for this release is the following:


  • Update references to point to our current websites. (Review 766) (Gary Kramlich)
  • Add a donate link to the help menu. (Review 749) (Gary Kramlich)


  • Check pkg-config for ncurses before looking for it manually. (Review 729) (Justin Lecher)



  • Added support for the no_proxy environment variable. (PIDGIN-17518) (Review 667) (Alynx Zhou and Gary Kramlich)
  • Added infrastructure for fuzzing as well as some initial fuzzers. (Review 760) (Jordy Zomer)
  • Fix an out of bounds write in purple_markup_linkify. (Review 781) (Thomas Roth, Dominik Maier, and Fabian Freyer)



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